Our Company

CLT Auctions, a division of Sebastiano Machinery Inc., is an organization of industrial professionals who involve themselves in all aspects of our business operations.

We are a full service auction company that specializes in industrial machinery & equipment.

CLT Auctions’ principals and employees all come from a life long industrial background, with combined past experience including machine dealers, machine shop owners, cabinet shop owners, machinist, electricians and industrial equipment technicians.

Our past experience has helped us to develop a very successful strategy in liquidating industrial assets. As former shop owners and equipment buyers, we know first hand what our clients need as sellers, as well as buyers. Our industrial expertise and dedication to customer service has earned us an excellent reputation with our clients and continues to build a strong core audience.

CLT Auctions’ professional staff consists of: Licensed auctioneers, equipment appraisers, industrial experts, sales professionals, financial experts, IT professionals, machinery technicians and first class machinists.

Our clients have a passion for quality machinery,

We share the same passion!