Greater Pittsburgh Area Machine Shop

overallGreater Pittsburgh Area Machine Shop                 Auction Over                 bidspotter                                Ends 7/29/14 Beginning At 9:30am Onsite Inspection 7/28/14 9:30am – 5:00pm *Bullard 4″ HBM W/ DRO * Lucas HBM * * Multiple Axelson 28″ x 120″ Lathes* *Landis 30″ x 48″ Cylindrical Grinder* * Engine Lathes, Radial Drill, Welding Equipment* * Saws, Presses, Vidmar Cabinets, Tool Boxes, Loads of Tooling* * 12″ Vertical Slotter & 32″ Shaper, Inspection Equipment* And Much More! See catalog for details, Bidding is now open! Location: Aliquippa, PA

Pennsylvania License Info:

 Auctioneer: Paul Sebastiano, AU005901 Auction Company CLT Auctions, AY002179